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52 One-Month old Kuloirer chicks were donated to two teachers of Kibiribiri C/U Primary School

IMG_5332The Bluebonnet-Supported Kuloirer Caged Poultry Keeping Project has now grown to the extend that every week we take over 120 fertilized eggs and every week we deliver more than 80 one-day old chicks to our community brooder in Kikandwa Village.

Last month, we started to reach out to rural primary teachers with one-month old kuloirer chicks. The chicks are to help them supplement on their lower monthly salaries. Each teacher receives 26 chicks and when they begin to lay eggs, the organization will help them to hatch the eggs into chicks for selling and keeping as they expand their poultry business.

Remember, this project began with two cages with 22 chicks each and to date we have hatched over 1000 chicks in 9 months.

Below is how the delivery was done last month

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Our Kuroiler chicks grow into big cocks and hens such as these ones.

Our Kuroiler chicks grow into big cocks and hens such as these ones.

The Bluebonnet-Sponsored caged-poultry keeping Project which begun with only two-cages; each with 22 Kuroiler chicks has expanded within a period of 8 months to a level of hatching over 100 one-day old chicks every week. To date we have hatched over 900 chicks which we have been distributing to selected beneficiaries such as schools, local small-scale farmers, KIRUCODO staffs, etc

This month, we started to reach-out to the general public with one-day old Kuroiler chicks; each being sold at 3000/= (Uganda Money or US$ 1.2). Also, we sell one week old kuroiler chicks each at 5000/= (US$ 2); three-weks old chicks each at 7000/= (Uganda money or US$ 2.8) and four-weeks old each at 10,000/= (Uganda money or US$ 4).

If you want to buy original Kuroiler chicks, just press your order today based on the above costings. You need to deposit 50% of the total cost and pay off the balance on delivery. Also, if you want to deliver to your farm, then you will have to cover the transportation expenses. For any order of kuroiler chicks or hands-on training in small-scale poultry keeping, feel free to email us at:

Thank you

April 2015 Distribution of Bluebonnet Hills Humanitarian Basic Needs to the Elderly

For-BlogLast Friday 03rd, 2015, we reached to over 60 elderly people in Kikandwa Villages with basic needs donated by Bluebonnet Hills Christian Church of Austin, Texas. Below is a photo slideshow of the whole exercise.

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The $5 and 17 Cents Donated by 7 Years old Austin Texas Twins of USA Have put a big Smile on the Faces of the Poorest and desperate 3, 5 and 8 Years old Kibiribiri C/U Primary School Children

This Blog post is sub-titled: “Being Responsible”; No matter how old you are; How much you earn; What you do, No matter ……..

Ella and Graham who donated $5 and 17 Cents

Ella and Graham who donated $5 and 17 Cents

My recent visit to Austin, Texas (27thFeb-08March, 2015) to meet with NetSquared and TechSoup Global as well as to participate in 2015 Non-Profit Technology Conference exposed me to great number of life experiences.

The 7 Years old Responsible Texas Twins; Ella and Graham

The 7 years old  little twins (Ella and Graham) in the picture above were not known to me nor to Pastor Landon who was the only person I knew well in the city. While hanging out for Lunch with Pastor Landon, he disclosed to me that 7 years old twins had donated $5 and 17 cents to support my charitable work in Uganda. I asked him if he knew the children but unfortunately he could not tell as the donation was passed on to him by a friend who knew the family and Pastor Landon might have made a presentation to a group where they were.

This touched my heart and the $5 & 17 Cents meant much in my life because they were given out by children who earn almost nothing. I tasked Pastor Landon to get me the names of the twins and their photo. I had to leave USA for Uganda before actually getting the names and photo but Praise God my friend Pastor Landon worked it out with the friend who knew the family and I received everything on my whatsapp. I came to know that the twins who donated were Ella and Graham and their mother is Madam Martha Pulkingham.

How I identified the neediest children for the $5 and 17 Cents Donation?

Right, I had to think of the best way to utilize this special Grant and my approach was to call the Kibiribiri Church of Uganda Primary School Head Teacher to help identify for me two, really very poor children in her school. Good enough she already had the most desperate on her list and all the three children are coming from the same family and they live nearer to the school.

Yesterday 18 March, 2015 I was able to physically meet with Emmanuel Kajubi aged 3 years old and in Baby Class; Joyce Mayer Nakalanzi aged 5 years old and in top class; Kimera Miracle aged 8 years old and in Primary one and finally their mentally disturbed mother Nandera Florence.

Joyce Mayer 5yrs, Emmanuel 3yrs and Miracle 8yrs

Joyce Mayer 5yrs, Emmanuel 3yrs and Miracle 8yrs with items donated to them by Ella and Graham

How the children ended up in school and more about the mother (Nandera Florence)?!

When you reach Kibiribiri School, you can easily identify them among other children. They don’t put of school uniform, no shoes as they have no one to provide for them leave alone their mentally sick mother. Kibiribiri Head Teacher was responsible enough to tress them out of the village and asked their mother if she wanted her children to be in school. The mother (Nandera Florence) agreed but she could not even afford to buy them scholastic materials. The mother earns her living from digging for people in the village (check video below) and some of them end up not paying her utilizing the advantage of her being mentally sick. Though she is mentally disturbed, she has love for her children and she is responsible enough to look after them in terms of feeding, taking them to school every morning, etc. She was once married in Kampala (Uganda capital city) but when she got mentally sick then her husband chased her away with the children and she was also pregnant. She had to walk from Kampala to her father’s village which is nearer kibiribiri village and which is about 35 miles from Kampala city. Since her father had already died, it was hard for her to live there and she was eventually chased away. She tried to look for where to live but in vain. Thank you God, she found unoccupied hut in Kibiribiri village and she just entered there and till today she is staying there as per the photos below.


How the $5 and 17 Cents Special donation utilized?

The funds were used to buy: Two Dozens of books, a Dozen of Pencils, Three Tooth Brushes and tooth paste, Two Bars of Soap and Kg of Sugar as you can see in the photos.

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If we all get responsible then this world will be at peace and no one will be living in poverty. This world has got enough resources for everyone but majority are simply not responsible. The wars we have in this world is do to the fact that majority in key positions are not responsible of their actions. The poverty which is in the world especially in Africa is due to the fact that majority are not responsible. Much of that which affects human race is in most cases of not being responsible at certain level.

Bluebonnet Scholarstic Material Donation to Wesige Mukama Primary School

The scholastic material donation to Wesige Mukama Primary School of Nakasongola was given by Bluebonnet Hills Christian Church of Austin, Texas, USA. The donation was distributed on 26th Febuary, 2015 by GETEMINET on behalf of Kikandwa Rural Communities Development Organization (KIRUCODO) Over 200 children were reached at with this donation.

Thank you so much Bluebonnet Hills for the great support to children in our communities.

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Bluebonnet Hills Scholastic Material Donation to over 340 Children of Kibiribiri Church of Uganda Primary School

On 20th February, Kikandwa Rural Communities Development Organization (KIRUCODO) reached to over 340 children of Kibiribiri Church of Uganda Primary School with scholastic materials donated by Bluebonnet Hills Christian Church of Austin, Texas USA. Items such as Exercise books, pencils, pens, Mathematics Geometry Sets were distributed

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KIRUCODO Bluebonnet-Sponsored Caged Poultry keeping Project reached out to Kibiribiri Children with Kroiler Chicks

For-BlogThis month alone we have been able to distribute over 254 one-month old Kroiler chicks to 7 beneficialies. Among the beneficialies were two schools (Kibiribiri Church of Uganda Primary School-30 chicks and St. Jonh Kaama Education Centre-50 chicks), an organization (Maendeleo Foundation)-50 chicks and 4 individuals-94 chicks. Continue reading


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