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Home of Kuroiler Chicken is a one-stop online point where the General Public can always visit to:

-Make orders for one-day old quality Kuroiler chicks.

-Make orders for one-week or two-weeks, or three-weeks old quality Kuroiler chicks.

-Make orders for one-months, two-months, three-months old quality Kuroiler chicken.

-Make orders for high breed kuroiler cocks.

-Make orders for high quality kuroiler fertilized eggs.

-Consult on how to keep Kuroiler chicken as business.

-Consult on feed mixing for kuroilers.

-Consult on our training services.

-Connect with Kuroiler farmers worldwide

-Link with Poultry-keeping opportunities worldwide.

-Link with Manufacturers of Poultry equipment and Material worldwide

The Kuroiler birds are a dual purpose hybrid of chicken that produce quality meat and eggs. Jagdev Sharma, a researcher at Arizona State University’s Biodesign Institute, along with collaborators from National Animal Genetic Resource Center (NAGRC – Uganda) carried out research on using Kuroiler birds and noted that the Kuroiler chickens offer a significant improvement in virtually all areas of breeding compared to the indigenous chickens, as discussed. Kuroiler chicken can produce around 150 to 200 eggs per year, or even 300 eggs in warmer conditions and the maturity period is about 10 weeks for meat production and 18 and 20 weeks for egg production. The meat yield per Kuroiler bird is also greater, with cocks weighing approximately 3.5kg at maturity and hens weighing about 2.5kg. A Kurolier is resistant to diseases due to its unique genetic features and organic feeding habits hence need less care compared to other chicken hybrids. Hence our business products (chicks, fertilized eggs & chicken meat) will effectively meet the existing customer product demand within the readily available local & international market giving quick returns on investment.



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