Calling on your assistance for installing Doors, Windows and Floor in the newly constructed ISSB Classroom Block

Following the acquisition of Interlocking Stabilized Soil Block (ISSB) Machine, we embarked on producing ISSBs for constructing affordable classrooms at Mother Erinah Junior School which had suffered a very strong storm.

Today, we have one of the first classroom block constructed using Interlocking Stabilized Soil Blocks (ISSBs) as you can see in the photo slideshow.

We humbly call on your financial support to help us install 2 doors, 8 windows and floor. This will altogether take $2133.

Thank you and we look forward for your contributions towards this noble cause.

Calling on your support to help construct a classroom block at Mother Erinah Junior School with ISSB

We call on your financial support to help construct a classroom block at Mother Erinah Junior School with Interlocking Soil Stabilized Block (ISSB). To donate, follow this link:

Following a deadly storm which destroyed classrooms at Mother Erinah Junior School in May 2022 (, Interlocking Soil Stabilized Blocks have been produced and today we have enough to construct a classroom block which can accommodate 200 learners (

Your generous donation will be used to buy: Cement, Sand, Gravels, Hardcore stones, iron bars and Technical labour for constructing the foundation.To donate, follow this link:

Interlocking Stabilized Soil Blocks (ISSB) for Constructing Classrooms at Mother Erinah Junior School

In May 2022, Mother Erinah Junior School suffered a very strong storm which completely destroyed all classrooms and children were left with no option other than having their lessons in open sunshine as per this LINK indicates.

Since it was a rainy season, we worked around the clock to mobilize resources for constructing temporary classrooms and it is on this note that I take this opportunity to thank all our donors like Bluebonnets, Youth Time Banking and all individual donors who responded to the call.

In search for the best, cheap and sustainable solution to help build classrooms for rural schools, we picked on Interlocking Stabilized Soil Block (ISSB) Technology.

The Interlocking Stabilized Soil Blocks (ISSBs) are easy to produce and make construction work cheap and quick. With this kind of blocks, you don’t use cement while constructing but just interlocking the blocks and even children can easily interlock the blocks and no need of building construction experience.

The blocks are produced by mixing a little cement into soil. A bag of cement (50Kg) is mixed in 12 wheelbarrows of red soil which produces 130 blocks. The blocks are left to cure for 14 days and then 7-14 days for drying.

Lastly, we request for your financial support to help us buy cement for producing enough blocks for constructing more classrooms.

Urgent call for assistance following destruction by storm

Follow this link to donate:

Mother Erinah Junior School experienced a very heavy and strong storm which destroyed some of the classroom structures. Good enough, children are on holiday apart from a few who turn up to complete writing letters to their friends.

Children will report back for their second academic term on 09th May 2022 and it is on this note that we call for your possible support to enable us put up temporary structures where they can continue with their classes.

Follow this link to donate:

Thank you and we look forward to hear from you very soon.

Help Mother Erinah Junior School with Desks, etc

Today we captured this VIDEO while a class was going on at Mother Erinah Juniour School ( found in Bunakijja Village, Ntenjeru Sub-County, Uganda) . During covid19 local down, termites destroyed almost all the wooden classrooms and when schools opened this month, the school had no enough classrooms for a very big turnup of children reporting for their first academic term. With no clear option, we used plastic sheets to make a temporary roof to make sure that children continue with classes though still not very safe when it rains.

This is a community primary school with a total of 295 pupils as of today 02Febuary2022. This school is in need of: (1) Desks for pupils to sit on (each desk which accommodates 3 pupils costs $80), (2) Classroom construction support, and (3) Scholastic materials.

For more information please send email to: and CC:

Register to attend: Implementing a Sustainable E-Learning Program in Africa

Date & Time: 15:00 – 16:00 (East Africa Time) on Thursday, November 18, 2021

Event Title: Implementing a Sustainable E-Learning Program in Africa

Event Link:

How to register: Browse the Event Link above and Click on RSVP

Zoom Link:


Schools have been closed for over two years now and many in Africa have been struggling to devise ways on how children can continue schooling while at home but all in vain. Platforms like WhatsApp, Zoom, Facebook, etc have been tried by many education institutions to reach out to their learners but all in vain because majority lacked equipment, technical knowhow, electricity, internet network, money to pay for internet costs, etc

During this event, speakers will discuss the following questions below to help education institutions in Africa understand what needed to be done to implement a sustainable eLearning program for their learners in regard to the existing challenges. 

(1) What do you need to effectively implement a sustainable E-Learning Program in Africa?

(2) What are the Challenges and Advantages of implementing a sustainable E-Learning Program in Africa?

Rotate Roosters for higher fertilized egg percentage

If you are in business of hatching eggs, make sure you have enough Roosters which you can keep on rotating. You can see, these roosters in the photo were removed and kept in holding rooms for a day and other roosters were introduced. So, we keep on rotating roosters to make sure that we have a good percentage of fertilized eggs which result into a good percentage of chicks on hatching. Remember, each rooster serves 8 hens (according to our research) but books say one rooster per 10 hens.

Why we feed our Kuroiler Birds of Grass

Feed Savings

Forages can provide a significant amount of poultry nutrition, reducing the amount of feed that a poultry farmer feeds a flock. Although poultry are not ruminants – they’re monogastric – a good pasture is still a valuable resource for the flock. Pastured poultry eat five to 20 per cent [of their diet] from pasture, depending on type and age of poultry, and the quality of forage growth”.

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Harvesting our Organically grown backyard tomatoes

We have started to harvest our tomatoes as you can see in the attached photos. One thing you need to always remember with organic backyard tomato growing in sacks is, to be able to make your own composite manure as we explained earlier in this video . Having access to composite manure will help you to easily enrich your soil which is used every now and then. Again, I encourage to keep some chicken at home which can be a good source for material you need to make composite manure. Thank you

Our Kuroiler Chicken parent stock is developing well

Our parent stock is developing well and this is the feed formula we use at this stage: In100Kg of Maize Bran, add: 12Kg of Fish (silver fish), 12Kg of Cotton cake, 12Kg of Lime or Shells, 0.5Kg of General Premix, 0.5Kg of Salt, 0.5Kg of Toxic Binder, NOTE: -You can add 20Kg of Broken maize if there no enough granules in the maize bran. Always remember to add toxic binder to get lead of any pathogens which might be dangerous to your birds.

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