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We request for your support for Mother Erinah Junior School

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Schools like this are never visited by high profile figures so we take the opportunity to do so and encourage children to stay focused and never to give up with their education.

Last Friday, we had good time at Mother Erinah Junior School as we wished children success in their upcoming national exams.

As you can see, we need shoes, scholastic material and infrastructure development support. Remember, this was the best school at last year’s National Primary Leaving Examination in Bunakijja Parish, Mukono District, Uganda.

Distribution of Scholastic Material Donation to over 300 pupils of Sittankya Primary School.

Good4Children attending school in Rural Communities of Uganda face a great number of challenges like: lack of materials to use at school, lack of food, walking long distances, lack of clean and safe water, among others.


Reaching out to poor rural community schools with scholastic materials is one of the key activities of Kikandwa Rural Communities Development Organization (KIRUCODO).

On 25th October 2017, we reached out to over 300 children of Sittankya Primary School with scholarship materials like: Pens, Pencils, Exercise Books and Mathematical Geometry Sets. This donation was sponsored by Bluebonnet Hills Christian Church of Austin Texas under the leadership of Pastor Landon.

Lastly, we still need more support and feel free to contact us with a donation of any kind and we shall be able to reach out to as many needy schools as possible.

Watch Video One

Watch Video Two

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DSCN0236DSCN0157Yesterday we received 2000 pens and 2000 pencils donation from Pens for Kids UK. These pens and pencils were contributed by children in UK to help poor children attending rural schools here in Uganda.

This scholastic material donation is going to be distributed to over 900 children in 3 poor rural schools. Watch this space for more updates on the distribution.

Below is a photo slideshow of the donated materials

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The $5 and 17 Cents Donated by 7 Years old Austin Texas Twins of USA Have put a big Smile on the Faces of the Poorest and desperate 3, 5 and 8 Years old Kibiribiri C/U Primary School Children

This Blog post is sub-titled: “Being Responsible”; No matter how old you are; How much you earn; What you do, No matter ……..

Ella and Graham who donated $5 and 17 Cents

Ella and Graham who donated $5 and 17 Cents

My recent visit to Austin, Texas (27thFeb-08March, 2015) to meet with NetSquared and TechSoup Global as well as to participate in 2015 Non-Profit Technology Conference exposed me to great number of life experiences.

The 7 Years old Responsible Texas Twins; Ella and Graham

The 7 years old  little twins (Ella and Graham) in the picture above were not known to me nor to Pastor Landon who was the only person I knew well in the city. While hanging out for Lunch with Pastor Landon, he disclosed to me that 7 years old twins had donated $5 and 17 cents to support my charitable work in Uganda. I asked him if he knew the children but unfortunately he could not tell as the donation was passed on to him by a friend who knew the family and Pastor Landon might have made a presentation to a group where they were.

This touched my heart and the $5 & 17 Cents meant much in my life because they were given out by children who earn almost nothing. I tasked Pastor Landon to get me the names of the twins and their photo. I had to leave USA for Uganda before actually getting the names and photo but Praise God my friend Pastor Landon worked it out with the friend who knew the family and I received everything on my whatsapp. I came to know that the twins who donated were Ella and Graham and their mother is Madam Martha Pulkingham.

How I identified the neediest children for the $5 and 17 Cents Donation?

Right, I had to think of the best way to utilize this special Grant and my approach was to call the Kibiribiri Church of Uganda Primary School Head Teacher to help identify for me two, really very poor children in her school. Good enough she already had the most desperate on her list and all the three children are coming from the same family and they live nearer to the school.

Yesterday 18 March, 2015 I was able to physically meet with Emmanuel Kajubi aged 3 years old and in Baby Class; Joyce Mayer Nakalanzi aged 5 years old and in top class; Kimera Miracle aged 8 years old and in Primary one and finally their mentally disturbed mother Nandera Florence.

Joyce Mayer 5yrs, Emmanuel 3yrs and Miracle 8yrs

Joyce Mayer 5yrs, Emmanuel 3yrs and Miracle 8yrs with items donated to them by Ella and Graham

How the children ended up in school and more about the mother (Nandera Florence)?!

When you reach Kibiribiri School, you can easily identify them among other children. They don’t put of school uniform, no shoes as they have no one to provide for them leave alone their mentally sick mother. Kibiribiri Head Teacher was responsible enough to tress them out of the village and asked their mother if she wanted her children to be in school. The mother (Nandera Florence) agreed but she could not even afford to buy them scholastic materials. The mother earns her living from digging for people in the village (check video below) and some of them end up not paying her utilizing the advantage of her being mentally sick. Though she is mentally disturbed, she has love for her children and she is responsible enough to look after them in terms of feeding, taking them to school every morning, etc. She was once married in Kampala (Uganda capital city) but when she got mentally sick then her husband chased her away with the children and she was also pregnant. She had to walk from Kampala to her father’s village which is nearer kibiribiri village and which is about 35 miles from Kampala city. Since her father had already died, it was hard for her to live there and she was eventually chased away. She tried to look for where to live but in vain. Thank you God, she found unoccupied hut in Kibiribiri village and she just entered there and till today she is staying there as per the photos below.


How the $5 and 17 Cents Special donation utilized?

The funds were used to buy: Two Dozens of books, a Dozen of Pencils, Three Tooth Brushes and tooth paste, Two Bars of Soap and Kg of Sugar as you can see in the photos.

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If we all get responsible then this world will be at peace and no one will be living in poverty. This world has got enough resources for everyone but majority are simply not responsible. The wars we have in this world is do to the fact that majority in key positions are not responsible of their actions. The poverty which is in the world especially in Africa is due to the fact that majority are not responsible. Much of that which affects human race is in most cases of not being responsible at certain level.



KIRUCODO is please to inform you that the customs and shipment expenses for the skills development equipment donation from Tools With a Mission (TWAM) of UK has been paid for by Blue Bonnet Hills Christian Church of Austin Texas, USA. We sincerely thank the ENTIRE congregation of the above named church led by Pastor Dr. Landon Shultz. Further, we thank TWAM for donating all the equipment. We were informed that the container is already in Uganda and once it gets cleared at the customs then we shall have the equipment collected from TWAM warehouse here in Uganda ready for business. For your information, below is the Gift Certification from Tools With A  Mission (TWAM)







Tools with a Mission
2 Bailey Close Hadleigh Road Industrial Estate Ipswich IP2 0UD
Tel +44 (0)1473 210220 Fax +44 (0)1473 210293 email:
Company No.  5114575   Charity Number 1104903
Delivery Address: Kikandwa Rural Communities Date: Aug-12
494 Kikandwa Village
Kabembe Parish
Contact: Robert Kibaya TWAM Order No: 2012
Email:  258 K


This is to certify that the goods detailed in the above packing list in this consignment
are all a free gift from Tools With A Mission. There is no foreign currency exchange.



David White                   

Overseas Director






P.5 pupils for Kikandwa Church of Uganda Primary school during training

Since 2011, Bluebonnet Hills Christian Church of Austin Texas USA has been supporting the skills development training program of community people in and around Kikandwa villages.

In February 2012, skills development training services were also extended to primary pupils in Kikandwa Church of Uganda Primary School and currently two classes are participating as per the following list indicate.

KIRUCODO will soon setup three additional community skills development training centers within three identified community rural primary schools to serve pupils, teachers and community people especially school dropouts, women and unemployed youths.

The current training sponsorship from Bluebonnet Hills Christian Church will expire at the end of this month (September) and it is on this note that we call on your support to help cover the training expenses for the months of October and November. For each month, US$ 160 is needed to cover the trainer’s allowances and training materials of 25 participants.

If interested in supporting our skills development training programs, please feel free to contact us at

Lastly, below is a slideshow during the training of one of the primary classes.

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Former US president Bill Clinton hugs Clinton Kaligana at Entebbe airport on Friday evening shortly before flying out. Courtesy photo

At times you don’t need to posses a penny in order to help rural poor children here in Africa. You surely need not to be rich to help poor rural children here in Africa. Your CHARITABLE acts or heart in linking the same to useful opportunities is the KEY.

I dedicate this blog post to a local News Paper Monitor, Bill Clinton (former USA President) and His Family, Ugandan Government, and all people engaged in any kind of Charity in the World.

Fourteen years ago, Bill Clinton (Former USA president) visited Uganda. While on his visit, he was introduced to a very poor family in a very poor village called Wanyange where he carried a four-months old baby who was eventually named after him.

This month, Bill Clinton returned on yet another charitable mission of fighting diarrhoea in children On noticing his planned visit, one local news paper Monitor really did something sooo charitable by publishing a story (Will Bill Clinton Kaligani meet his USA name sake 14 years later?)

L-R: President Museveni, Janet Museveni, Hillary and Bill Clinton (carrying baby) during their visit to Wanyange in 1998. COURTESY PHOTO

By Emmanuel Mulondo & Roddney Muhumuza
Posted  Friday, July 20  2012 at  01:00


Second coming: Ms Namugosa tried to stay in touch with the Clintons, sending them a letter not long after they returned home. Mr Clinton wrote back on October 25, 1999: “Thank you for your kind letter and the wonderful picture of Baby Bill. He has certainly grown since my visit to Wanyange village! I am so pleased to learn that you are both doing well. Hillary and I know how proud you must be and we wish you and Baby Bill all the best.”

Sometime in March 1998, a bevy of security operatives descended upon Wanyange Village, eastern Uganda in Jinja, to prepare for the arrival of very important people. They were particularly interested in the house of a seamstress named Betty Namugosa, who was about to give birth to her fourth child.

The operatives searched her house diligently, analysing every crack on the floor, their dogs toppling household utensils, until they were sure the place was safe.

“They had sniffer dogs that were as big as heifers,” Ms Namugosa recalled recently. “I have never seen dogs so big.”

If the woman was not prepared for the sight of well-fed canines upsetting her bedroom, she was ready to meet the people in whose service the animals were employed.

When Ms Namugosa finally gave birth to a baby boy, just in time for the moment that would bring her considerable fame, and just as the security operation around her house intensified, she knew that her joy would be complete.

“I decided to call him Bill and if it was a girl, I would have named her Hillary,” Ms Namugosa said.

Back then
On the late afternoon of March 24, 1998, camera crews and Wanyange residents watched as US President Bill Clinton held a baby in his arms, his wife Hillary smiling, to create what became one of the most iconic images of his tour of Africa.

It became the picture of an American president holding a poor African child, symbolically speaking, but it was really a picture of Bill Clinton holding Bill Clinton.

The New York Times published this picture on March 25 (the following day), and the caption quoted Mr Clinton as saying: “This baby is my namesake. People should not be written off because they were born or grew up in a poor area.”

Since the visit
A lot has happened in the years since 1998, Mr Clinton is no longer in the White House and his wife, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, is perhaps America’s most powerful woman.

And Uganda’s Bill Clinton is now 14 years old, humble, shy but very brilliant, looking to becoming a surgeon to help the suffering poor who cannot access medication.

“I am happy. I would be happy if he sponsored my education,” said Clinton, now in Senior Two when Daily Monitor visited him at Holy Cross Lake View Secondary School.

“He is a very brilliant boy, but I think the problem is that the mother is poor and he is always out of school due to lack of fees,” said Mr Paul Mukyawe, the director of studies.

“Mama Chilintoni” as her neighbour knows her is a mother of eight, who lost her job about five years ago as a tailor and is selling second hand clothes to shoulder the burden.

Asked whether he gets special treatment because of his name, Kaligani gives an affirmative “no” answer.

The above published story helped the poor young boy get reunited with his USA namesake (Bill Clinton former USA President) after 14 years as per this news post from Monitor News PAPER

By Emmanuel Mulondo
Posted  Sunday, July 22  2012 at  01:00

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As one was just about to board one of his several flights, the other was taking the first ever flight of his life time in a police chopper, hastily arranged so that the Bill Clintons could meet for the second time in 14 years.

Master Bill Clinton Kaligana, the Jinja boy named after the former US President beat the odds to meet his namesake who sat patiently in a plane waiting for the arrival of the youngster after a brief but hectic day’s visit to Uganda on Friday.

Kaligana was airlifted to State House, Entebbe, catching up with Mr Clinton a few moments to take off. The two Clintons met on the former President’s plane.

“There was something like a room. We met there and he was very happy to see the boy. He asked him what he wants and the boy informed him he wants to become a doctor,” Ms Betty Namugosa, the boy’s mother narrated on phone yesterday.

She said: “He promised to look after his son in every way. Clinton told him he should study hard. He promised to fund his education up to the level the boy wants.”

President Clinton reportedly said: “I was leaving but I decided to wait and see you. I want us to do a deal. Will you study? Are you determined?”
He told them to compile the boy’s education needs and hand them over to US Embassy officials who attended the meeting.

“I feel good. He told me he also wanted me to be a doctor, that I should work hard and pass in my studies,” Master Bill Clinton Kaligana narrated yesterday, elated after the first air travel and meeting his namesake for the first time as a grown up.

The former President and his guests shared a drink, some juice and snacks. Clinton also gave some presents to Master Kaligana, which included “pens, key-holders and thing like that.”

President Museveni who had met the former US President was not at the meeting apart from other senior government and security officials.

A source at the Serena Hotel, Kampala where President Clinton stayed said the search for Kaligana was prompted after the President read the story of the boy in the Friday copy of the Daily Monitor and immediately asked his aides to find the boy.

The boy’s family had not been scheduled on Clinton’s visit and had not known about it until Daily Monitor broke the news to the family on Wednesday. On Friday at 1:00pm, Mr Joseph Kaliisa, an official running Building for Tomorrow, Mr Bill Clinton’s charity’s activities in Uganda called this reporter trying to locate the boy.

The mother’s cellular phone number was passed on to Mr Kaliisa who called her.

She was initially concerned about her son’s security and she also didn’t have transport to make an abrupt journey to Kampala.

When Mr Kaliisa informed State House of the position, an order was made to the Jinja District Police Commander, Mr Jonathan Musinguzi to ensure the boy and her mother were picked from their home in Wanyange and delivered to Kampala.

Helicopter ride
But to beat the time, a police chopper was dispatched to pick them at Lugazi. “So we boarded at Lugazi at Mehta’s airstrip. It delivered us some distance away, then we boarded a vehicle to the (Entebbe) Airport where he was waiting. We met him on the plane at around 5:00pm,” Ms Namugosa said.

Lastly, How much have you learnt from this blog post and how much have u utilized your resources (brain, connections, money, prayers, etc) to help others?

God bless you

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