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Mass distribution of Clean Cook Rocket Stoves to over 100 women

2Last Sunday the 15th of April we distributed Two-Bricks Clean Cook Rocket Stoves (2BCCROST) to over 100 women of Bunakijja in Mukono District and Namaliri in Buikwe District. The stoves will help to reduce on the amount of firewood used per day in cooking thus reducing cutting down of trees in communities.

On average, a single family in rural Uganda uses between 20-30 firewood of each 2M long. With the introduction of 2BCCROST, a single family is expected to use a maximum of 5 firewood per day of each 2M long.


Since this kind of stove produces much less smoke, women are going to be saved from illnesses associated with inhering wood burning unhealthy smoke.

Again, this is the Team behind this project

(1) Sun24 of Florida USA as information resource, adviser and financer

(2) Youths In Technology and Development Uganda (YITEDEV) as Coordinating and Technical implementing Team

(3) Kikandwa Rural Communities Development Organization (KIRUCODO) as Coordinating and Technical Implementing Team

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40 One-Month Old Kuroiler Chicks picked to start a poultry project for their mother

IMG_20180215_105759Last Thursday 15th Feb 2018, Aminah and her brother picked 40 one-month old Kuroiler chicks from our farm in Mukono to start a poultry project for her family. See how we innovatively packed them. We wish them success.

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A retired considers small-scale Profitable Kuroiler keeping for a living

IMG_5879This morning, Kabizi Wankwale Uganda Housing Cooperative Chairman Mr. Serunjoji John picked a total of 68 one-month old chicks from our farm in Mukono.
He considers small-scale profitable Kuroiler keeping as the best option for any one of his age to earn a significant income easily while home as well as ready access to protein-rich food.

Lastly, place your order today for one-day and one-month old Kuroiler chicks.

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Bluebonnet House to House delivery to the Elderly in Nakifuma villages


In December 2015, KIRUCODO volunteers delivered Bluebonnet Hills Christian Church donated Humanitarian basic needs to the elderly people in Nakifuma villages. Most of the elderly are very weak to travel longer distances and because of this we decided to deliver the materials home to home unlike in Kikandwa villages where most of the elderly people walked up to the KIRUCODO offices to pick up their respective donations. Below is a photos slideshow covering the entire exercise. Again, we thank the Bluebonnet Hills Christian Church of such great assistance to our communities. God Bless you. Enjoy the slideshow.

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July Bluebonnet-Humanitarian aid Distribution to the Elderly, Widows and Disabled


On 25 July 2013 we distributed Humanitarian Assistance to over 72 people comprised of mainly the elderly, widows, disabled people and HIV. The aid was passed on to KIRUCODO from Bluebonnet Hills Christian Church of Austin Texas, USA through Pastor Dr. Landon .S. The exercise was conducted in three villages but reached to people from over 10 villages. The first group of people was served at our offices in Kikandwa, the second group was served in another village called Kyewanise and the Third Group was served in a village called Kanganda.
The groups were given Sugar, Salt, Maize Flour, Soap, Tea-leaves and Match boxes.

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Highlights on current tank installations at the three rural community schools.

Highlights on current tank installations at the three rural community schools.

The current Rain Water harvesting Tanks installations in three rural primary schools is being supported by the funds accumulated from last year’s Global Giving online winter holiday Fundraising Drive. The three tanks are being constructed at the following schools below which are currently at the completion phase:

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KIRUCODO is please to inform you that the customs and shipment expenses for the skills development equipment donation from Tools With a Mission (TWAM) of UK has been paid for by Blue Bonnet Hills Christian Church of Austin Texas, USA. We sincerely thank the ENTIRE congregation of the above named church led by Pastor Dr. Landon Shultz. Further, we thank TWAM for donating all the equipment. We were informed that the container is already in Uganda and once it gets cleared at the customs then we shall have the equipment collected from TWAM warehouse here in Uganda ready for business. For your information, below is the Gift Certification from Tools With A  Mission (TWAM)







Tools with a Mission
2 Bailey Close Hadleigh Road Industrial Estate Ipswich IP2 0UD
Tel +44 (0)1473 210220 Fax +44 (0)1473 210293 email:
Company No.  5114575   Charity Number 1104903
Delivery Address: Kikandwa Rural Communities Date: Aug-12
494 Kikandwa Village
Kabembe Parish
Contact: Robert Kibaya TWAM Order No: 2012
Email:  258 K


This is to certify that the goods detailed in the above packing list in this consignment
are all a free gift from Tools With A Mission. There is no foreign currency exchange.



David White                   

Overseas Director





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