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img_20170111_130810Yesterday we distributed humanitarian basic needs to the elderly and widows of Kibiribiri villages here in Uganda.
We usually reach OUT to the most needy with humanitarian basic needs in life. Here in Uganda we are hit by serious drought with no hope of serious crop harvest in the near future. Families especially in rural communities survive on only a simple meal everyday and others survive on tree leaves.
Thank you BLUEBONNET for supporting our Humanitarian food assistance to the elderly, children and widows.
We still need food assistance to reach out to the most affected communities. Thank you

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Bluebonnet Donation Distribution to the Elderly affected by a long drought

blogYesterday we reached out to the elderly and widows of Kikandwa Villages with Humanitarian basic needs donated by Bluebonnets Christian Church of Austin, Texas.
We currently support communities affected by a long drought with food here in Uganda and we call for your support in terms of food or cash for buying food and basic materials for the affected communities.

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October Bluebonnet Hills Christian ChurchHumanitarian Aid to Kibiribiri Elderly People


Still on 08th October 2013; the same day we delivered Bluebonnet Schools Desk Donation to Kibiribiri Church of Uganda Primary School, we distributed Humanitarian Basic needs to a total of 31 needy elderly people in Kibiribiri Village in Mukono District. The donation was passed on to KIRUCODO from Bluebonnet Hills Christian Church of Austin Texas USA through their leader Pastor Dr. Landon Shultz. The rural elderly people are in need of basic needs like sugar, salt, paraffin for their candles, soap, tea-leaves, matchboxes, food, etc. In case you are interested in supporting our Rural Elderly people Humanitarian assistance Program with basic needs just let us know. $500 can help to reach to a total of 60 rural elderly people. We thank Bluebonnet Hills Christian Church for their great assistance to old people. Thank you everyone for the continued support. God bless you.

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