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Teachers of St. John Kaama formed two groups to engage in Kuroiler Keeping for increased monthly salary

DSCN0591Some months back, we delivered 50 one-month old Kuroiler chicks to St. John Kaama Education center in Nakifuma, Mukono under the sponsorship of Bluebonnet Hills Christian Church of Austin, Texas, USA. Today the hens are now laying eggs and we were able to enjoy the first eggs when we visited the school last Tuesday on 30 June 2015 as you can see in the photo below.


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Poverty in Rural Africa cannot be eradicated if the great percentage of citizens is not productive.

Primary school Children Making Button Holes during a tailoring training class at KIRUCODO Community Skills Development Centre, in Kikandwa Village

Primary school Children Making Button Holes during a tailoring training class at KIRUCODO Community Skills Development Centre, in Kikandwa Village

In Uganda and Africa in General, a person becomes productive economically when he has dropped out of school or when he finished school. This means that the age range from 0 to 25 years is depending on their parents to survive in most cases. Further, when a person finished university at about 25 years of age, that person has no job and has to look for one in most cases. About 95% of the Ugandan (Africa in general) graduates look for employment and about 5% can establish their own enterprises after school. This means, there very few job creations as compared to job seeking. This is really a great challenge for Africa to transform the current great percentage of job seeking tradition of our elites into a productive and innovative job creation one!!!

A number of poverty eradication theories have been suggested and majority of them have been implemented but still the problem of poverty remains with us up to this moment! This is because, the great resources extended to us fall into the hands of people who are more of job seeking tradition than job creation ones and believe me or not, their developments will never last because they are based on theory not on the real principals of long-lasting development initiatives.

As a rural development Organization, we are committed to initiate programs that touch the real roots of the cause of poverty in our communities in order to transform the great percentage of the current generation into a more productive and innovative one right from the glass-roots level.

KIRUCODO Community skills development program, aims at extending job skills to community adults but more so to children in rural schools. This will help both the adults and children to consult from each other on the same skills clearly known to each other for efficiency, quality and extension of the same to the next offspring without taking much time and resources. Our target is to have the next young generation with basic skills they can start with on their own to develop them selves other than starting from zero as for a greater percentage of the current African generation. We always start from zero and we die so also the next one, etc, etc.

We greatly appreciate the support extended to us to have the initial development of our ideas implemented. Thank you WorkAid International for providing us with equipment, Blue Bonnet Hills Christian Church of Austin Texas for supporting the construction of the current Community Skills Development Centre in Kikandwa village, Pastor Dr. Landon and family for supporting the current class of participants, Mr. Caspar and Family of Germany for a grant that was utilized on some of the seating materials for the centre, our volunteers and friends worldwide for the great services, guidance, in-kind contribution and prayers; God bless you all.

Lastly, we are still in need of the following: equipment (sewing machines, etc) to help us establish Skills development training centres within rural schools and our current target is to establish two centres in Kikandwa Church of Uganda Primary school and Bulijjo Church of Uganda primary school to serve over 800 children; Monetary support to help us cover training expenses for a class within three months, volunteers who can help with their skills in one way or the other, Training materials, among others as you might be able to assist.

Check below for the current activities in Kikandwa village

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