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KIRUCODO-Bluebonnet Hills-Sponsored Caged Poultry Keeping; Hens now laying eggs and cocks on sale


KIRUCODO-Bluebonnet Hills-Sponsored Caged Poultry Keeping project which kicked-up this year with two metal cages with 22 birds has started to yield.

The hens started to lay eggs last month as seen in the photos. The fertilized eggs layed are now being sold to community people at 500/= Uganda money each and the rest of the eggs are being stored for incubation to hatch into chicks for blooding and distribution to other beneficialies and for selling at a cost of 3,500/= Uganda money per chick which is about US$ 1.4.

On the other hand, since there have been 12 cocks in the stock we have been keeping, ten cocks have been sold off this week each at 30,000/= Uganda Money (US$ 11.54) and the raised money have been used for buying feeds and stock more ten three-months old Kuroiler hens.

Remember, this project is aiming at supporting education of poor children in rural communities in Uganda and we believe that if a kid is given a cage with 30 birds then he or she can be able to pay for her or his school needs like scholarstic materials, shoes and uniform, lunches and breakfasts, transport, and upkeep money, etc. Actually a one-time US$ 1,000 donation is enough to provide a kid with a cage of 30 chicks, vaccinations and enough feeds up to the laying period.

Below is a slide photo show of the current project progress:

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