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Some of the items donated

Hello friends and Partners, we have a pleasure to share this report with you concerning scholastic material distribution to Bulijjo Church of Uganda Primary School on 29th June 2012. This was part of a scholastic material donation for three community primary school from Tools With A Mission (TWAM) which was collected on 19th June 2012 from TWAM warehouse in Kampala to Kikandwa Rural Communities Development Organization (KIRUCODO) store in Kikandwa village. The scholastic materials were donated by Tools With A Mission of UK (TWAM) and the shipment costs and all taxes for this donation was met by Dr. Mike Roberts of UK and we are so grateful for his humanitarian heart.

The following are THANK YOU LETTERS to TWAM Dr. Mike Roberts and KIRUCODO Executive Director from Head Teacher of Kikandwa Church of Uganda Primary School.

Below is what happened during the distribution

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The tank under construction. The wooden mold is being collapsed and removed to allow plastering inside the tank and installing the top cover

Kikandwa Rural Communities Development Organization (KIRUCODO) a Non-Governmental and Non-Profit Organization based in Uganda East Africa with a focus at empowering and developing rural community people, initiated a Rain Water Harvesting Concrete Tank Project (RWH) with the help of provided tank architectural plans from Tools With Mission (TWAM) of UK. The project business plan which is currently under modification following the recent tank installation in Kikandwa village, is aiming at reaching to 4,000 rural communities households.

To kick start on the project activities, a number of material and resources had to be in place like the tank mold or form, etc which the Organization could not afford just immediately. Thanks to our Organization volunteer (Mr. Scott Rosewell) based in Canada who dedicated his time, money and skills to come down on ground to Kikandwa village here in Uganda to have the first tank installed at a community local primary school called Kikandwa Church of Uganda Primary School (Kikandwa Church of Uganda Primary School).

The activities seen in the photo slide show below were registered between 19th March to 05th April 2012 and Mr. Scott reported to us on 16th March 2012 and left on 06th April 2012 after completing his valued task.

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The tank was left to cure for ten days and this coming Friday 13 April 2012, we are going to have it connected to gutters ready to harvest water. Though we used 1500L plan, the tank at Kikandwa is estimated to collect between 2800L to 3000L.

The first tank installation aimed at reveling to us actual costing of the tank before we can have them constructed for rural households. In our modified plan to come soon, we shall be in position to construct tanks of 3000L for families in most cases and above that capacity for schools and other bigger institutions.

We are currently reviewing all the costs to come up with the actual costing of a single tank and so far we have a fair estimate of between US$ 250 to US$ 400 provided the form is in place. Once the form is made, it can be used to construct between 40 to 70 tanks before it can be replaced and this depends on how you handle it and the quality of materials you used during its construction.

Though we thought we could give the tanks free of charge to families; we now think to introduce a fair cost sharing strategy of about 20% of the total cost to make sure that whoever receives a tank donation has some attachment and responsibility. However, there such very poor families which we might waive from this percentage but this will depend on the approval by the project management team and availability of funds.

Lastly, if you are interested in donating a rain water harvesting tank to a poor rural family, feel free to contact us at for more information about the already identified families and or community schools.

Report By Ms. Jane McLeod – Attending CSW 56: Commission on the Status of Women 27 February – 9 March 2012 as a representative for KIRUCODO

Since 2011, KIRUCODO is an ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council – United Nations) accredited Organization. Consultative status for an organization enables it to actively engage with ECOSOC and its
subsidiary bodies, as well as with the United Nations Secretariat, programmes, funds and agencies in a
number of ways.

The just concluded UN Meeting of the Council on the Status of Women, KIRUCODO sent both local and International representatives and below is a brief report on the sessions attended by Ms. Jane . A full report will follow shortly this or next month:

Monday 27 February 2012

Morning: Opening of the session General Assembly at the United Nations Headquarters New York.

– Election of officers
– Adoption of the agenda and other organizational matters
– Introduction of documents

General discussion
Review of the implementation of: the BPfA and the outcome of the 23rd special session of the GA – sharing of experiences and good practices on implementation of the Platform for Action, with a view to overcoming remaining obstacles and new challenges.

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Extending Humanitarian Assistance to the Elderly and other disadvantage rural farmers; A report on assistance distribution from Blue Bonnet Hills Christian Church of Austin Texas USA through Pastor Dr. Landon on 04th March 2012

In Uganda and Africa in general, over 95% of the elderly population live in rural communities to carry out agriculture as well as taking care of the grand children of their deceased or un-independent children, etc

The elderly and other disadvantaged people with their received aid items donated by Blue Bonnet Hills Christian Church

The elderly and other disadvantaged people with their received aid items donated by Blue Bonnet Hills Christian Church

The elderly have a very great contribution to the development of our communities but sad to say, they are not catered for by policy makers and they always have to struggle very hard on their own in order to survive.

Most of the elderly have no enough strength to cultivate land and so they need assistance and care at all time.

Thank you Blue Bonnet Hills Christian Church members of Austin Texas USA for extending humanitarian assistance to our Organization’s Humanitarian Assistance Program to the Elderly and other rural disadvantaged people.

The Humanitarian Assistance reached to 69 elderly and disadvantage rural farmers where each of the beneficiaries received the following items for home basic use:

  1. A bar of soap for washing clothes, etc
  2. 1Kg of sugar for making tea
  3. 1Kg of corn flour for food or porridge
  4. 5 Sackets of tea leaves for making hot tea
  5. 10 boxes of match boxes for making fire
  6. 0.5L of paraffin for candle light

The above items are considered the most essential leave alone others such as medical assistance, clothes, bedding materials, etc. Currently, in rural communities here in Uganda, most of the elderly either don’t take or take tea with no sugar or tea leaves; have to wait for neighbors to come back from garden so she or he can borrow a match box to make fire, have to sleep very early because he or she lacks paraffin in his or candle, put on dirty clothes because she or he lacks washing soap, etc

There is still a need for humanitarian assistance to reach to about 300 elderly and disadvantaged in 10 villages. The aid can be directed to home use material, clothes, house renovation, health, among others.

Below in the photo slideshow is what happened during the distribution of the aid. Also feel free to download the accountability on how a total of US$ 1,535 (Accountability in word version) got spent on various activities including the Humanitarian assistance to the Elderly and other disadvantaged people.

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Lastly, there about four situations I will be organizing a separate blog post to show you the real situation of the elderly  and other disadvantaged people living in rural communities here inUganda. These will cove the following:

“Investing in the education of a rural girl child can help to restore hope to the hopeless and helpless elderly people in rural communities”. This will base on the two serious cases we leant about during the house to house humanitarian assistance delivery to the elderly where we found a daughter taking care of her mother who has now spent over three years on bed and the only part of her body she can move on her own are the eye-bows. The second case was again for a daughter who is currently taking care of her father who has spent over one and half years on bed and has to discharge through a tube and he cannot move nether can he sit.

“Take care of the elderly to ensure agricultural skills and practices for the next generation”. This will base on the situation we leant of where the elderly are left uncared for  in rural communities yet are the ones to pass on the skills to the young ones. This will base of an elderly man who was dumped in a house in Kanganda village and this elderly man hardly moves on his legs and one day fire caught his bed but he could not move away and it was only the mercy of God who uses strangers to come to his rescue by breaking into the house and lifting him from the burning bed.

“Ensure good education to children of poor rural farmers to brighten the future and terminate the poverty cycle of poor rural farming families”. This will base on a very poor, really very poor family we discovered in Kanganda village being taken care of an old woman with totally nothing apart from her heart. She is taking care of three children and one mentally disabled boy. They have nothing, and everyone wanted to cry and everyone said, we would have donated all the humanitarian aid to this family.

The great agonies suffered by Rural communities Disabled People. This will cover a situation of a disabled woman and a man as well as a young man whose spinal cord got despaired after falling from a building he was constructing

Check on the Local News Paper Report on the Humanitarian Aid Distribution


Poverty in Rural Africa cannot be eradicated if the great percentage of citizens is not productive.

Primary school Children Making Button Holes during a tailoring training class at KIRUCODO Community Skills Development Centre, in Kikandwa Village

Primary school Children Making Button Holes during a tailoring training class at KIRUCODO Community Skills Development Centre, in Kikandwa Village

In Uganda and Africa in General, a person becomes productive economically when he has dropped out of school or when he finished school. This means that the age range from 0 to 25 years is depending on their parents to survive in most cases. Further, when a person finished university at about 25 years of age, that person has no job and has to look for one in most cases. About 95% of the Ugandan (Africa in general) graduates look for employment and about 5% can establish their own enterprises after school. This means, there very few job creations as compared to job seeking. This is really a great challenge for Africa to transform the current great percentage of job seeking tradition of our elites into a productive and innovative job creation one!!!

A number of poverty eradication theories have been suggested and majority of them have been implemented but still the problem of poverty remains with us up to this moment! This is because, the great resources extended to us fall into the hands of people who are more of job seeking tradition than job creation ones and believe me or not, their developments will never last because they are based on theory not on the real principals of long-lasting development initiatives.

As a rural development Organization, we are committed to initiate programs that touch the real roots of the cause of poverty in our communities in order to transform the great percentage of the current generation into a more productive and innovative one right from the glass-roots level.

KIRUCODO Community skills development program, aims at extending job skills to community adults but more so to children in rural schools. This will help both the adults and children to consult from each other on the same skills clearly known to each other for efficiency, quality and extension of the same to the next offspring without taking much time and resources. Our target is to have the next young generation with basic skills they can start with on their own to develop them selves other than starting from zero as for a greater percentage of the current African generation. We always start from zero and we die so also the next one, etc, etc.

We greatly appreciate the support extended to us to have the initial development of our ideas implemented. Thank you WorkAid International for providing us with equipment, Blue Bonnet Hills Christian Church of Austin Texas for supporting the construction of the current Community Skills Development Centre in Kikandwa village, Pastor Dr. Landon and family for supporting the current class of participants, Mr. Caspar and Family of Germany for a grant that was utilized on some of the seating materials for the centre, our volunteers and friends worldwide for the great services, guidance, in-kind contribution and prayers; God bless you all.

Lastly, we are still in need of the following: equipment (sewing machines, etc) to help us establish Skills development training centres within rural schools and our current target is to establish two centres in Kikandwa Church of Uganda Primary school and Bulijjo Church of Uganda primary school to serve over 800 children; Monetary support to help us cover training expenses for a class within three months, volunteers who can help with their skills in one way or the other, Training materials, among others as you might be able to assist.

Check below for the current activities in Kikandwa village

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