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“we are disappointed, but we are not discouraged” BATTLE FOR ARMS TRADE TREATY CONTINUES AS GOVERNMENTS DELAY FINAL DEAL

We share this communication on behalf of Control Arms Organization based on the fact that their advocacy actions for having a formal Global Arms Trade Treaty is so important to Rural Africa where most of the voiceless victims of armed conflicts do live. Rural Africa cannot be any better if there is no global control of arms trade. Just check on what is . Your support in any way possible is greatly needed to register success for the benefit of Human Kind on Earth.

Democratic Republic of Congo Refugees running to Uganda

Right, below are the current updates concerning negotiations of Arms Trade Treaty  

“we are disappointed, but we are not discouraged”

Almost at the finish line, and not giving up
August 1st, 2012
Control Arms International Secretariat
(212) 682-3086
Control Arms
” Almost at the finish line, and not giving up! ”

Dear Supporter,

Last week, a small group of states blocked agreement on the Arms Trade Treaty – a frustrating end to an inspiring month of negotiations and campaigning.

But our efforts are by no means over. We believe a strong and effective ATT is still within reach and that this regulation will save lives and make a real difference on the ground.

Negotiators from 90 countries agreed with this sentiment when they delivered a joint-statement in the final minutes of negotiations that stated, “We are disappointed, but we are not discouraged” and resolved to achieve an ATT before the end of 2012.

his makes our role as civil society ever more crucial. Ban Ki-moon told us that “Your determination has helped us get this far – and your continued pressure and activism will help make this Treaty a reality.”

Throughout the month there was majority support for the Arms Trade Treaty to cover all conventional arms including ammunition, and to be based around tough rules on international human rights and humanitarian law. In the final hours of negotiations consensus was procedurally blocked by the United States, Russia, DPRK, Cuba and Venezuela who all asked for more time.

In the coming months, we will continue to advocate for a strong Arms Trade Treaty and we welcome you to stay engaged as well. Easy ways for you to stay informed about the road ahead are by liking our Facebook pagefollowing us on Twitter, and checking the Control Arms website.

You’ve come with us this close to the finish line, so let’s not give up now. We owe it to the thousands who die every day to keep pushing for an Arms Trade Treaty that will save lives. It will happen.

Thank You,

The Control Arms Team

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