Home-Based Garbage Management for Supporting Backyard Gardening


very-good-3Households in urban places here in Uganda accumulate much garbage on a daily basis. City, Municipality, and Town councils don’t have the capacity to collect, sort and process garbage into monetary products for sustainable development.

My project, involves sorting and decomposing garbage at household level for enriching soils to support backyard gardening.


An open cone-shaped 2.5M deep pit with a diameter of 2M is dug where only perishable garbage and waste water deposited for a year.


At the end of the year, 90% of garbage has already turned into composite manure ready to enrich a sizable backyard garden for a year.



At this point, the pit is emptied ready to receive more garbage for yet another cycle.

1 (1)


The non-decomposing material is usually given out to municipality garbage teams for further management and this has helped to keep plastic material off my compound as I keep my soil from pollution.



This has helped me to sustainably produce organic food on my compound year after year easily and cheaply as I protect the environment.




Since backyard gardens in the urban centres are usually in use all the year, soil enrichment with composite manure is key for realizing good yields.

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