Keeping Kuroiler Chicken to raise money for building homes for members of Uganda Housing Cooperative Union

blogThis week, we started to develop a Sustainable profitable Kuroiler Chicken keeping business plan for five Housing Cooperative Societies under UHOCHU namely: Kabizi-Wankwale, Kidokolo-Twezimbe, Nnongo, Nkokonjeru-Caritas and Polysack housing cooperatives. Members of the five societies were trained early this month in Kuroiler keeping and Management and today they consider Kuroiler keeping as a business to engage into as a group to save and build individual homes on their recently purchased land. Society members are grouped into a group of 5 families each and given a startup kit of 60 kuroiler chicks, materials and startup feeds each.

The Uganda Housing Cooperative Union (UHOCHU) is an apex body for Primary Housing Cooperatives in Uganda. UHOCU is a member-based organization representing over 681 men and women within the 17 housing cooperatives affiliated to it. It´s main objective is to “Promote of access to adequate and affordable housing in Uganda” by building capacities of the low-income earners to form and effectively manage housing cooperatives. The Union´s strategy is to support co-operative members to access to land and housing through savings, the use of appropriate and sustainable building technologies and partnerships with Government and other relevant stakeholders.

We thank Bluebonnet Hills Christian Church who supported the designing, development and implementation of this project which is currently being replicated by schools, individuals and organization .


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