Be Smart: Use Poken for Speed Networking, Collecting Business Cards and Digital Content.


At the just concluded 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit at Stanford University, Silicon Valley, USA; networking was made smart. All the participants were given Poken Networking Tools simply to speed up their networking activities in a free and open environment.

What is Poken Networking tool?: It is an interactive USB stick which glows when you touch it to someone else’s – just like exchanging a digital business card. This tool collects Digital Content and Contact information from say conference attendees, exhibitors, etc.

You only need a few seconds for this tool to collect all the content from someone else’s Poken tool. People who don’t want to carry business cards, printed documents, on themselves, or who want to save money on printing documents to distribute during events, this is the right tool for you to move around with.


How Poken Tool works:

(1)    Create account on the Poken website

(2)    Link your digital content to your Poken Portal such as your Social Media platforms, Company and Organization websites, presentations, Contacts, CV, etc

(3)    Begin to collect and at the same time disseminate your digital content just by Touching your Poken Tool to someone else’s, or  fixed Poken Touch points at exhibitors’ booths, etc.

(4)    At the end of everything, connect your Poken Tool to your computer via the USB port and synchronize all you have collected on to your Poken online portal.

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