KIRUCODO Bluebonnet-Sponsored Caged Poultry keeping Project reached out to Kibiribiri Children with Kroiler Chicks

For-BlogThis month alone we have been able to distribute over 254 one-month old Kroiler chicks to 7 beneficialies. Among the beneficialies were two schools (Kibiribiri Church of Uganda Primary School-30 chicks and St. Jonh Kaama Education Centre-50 chicks), an organization (Maendeleo Foundation)-50 chicks and 4 individuals-94 chicks.

The 30 Kroiler chicks to Kibiribiri were given to 2 parents with children attending school at Kibiribiri Church of Uganda Primary School. The chicks will be multiplied by hatching the layed eggs so to be able support the children in school by selling hatched chicks, eggs, etc.

Remember, the chick we are currently distributing are being multiplied from 40 and 4 kroiler birds which we are currently keeping in two separate cages; one at KIRUCODO offices in Kikandwa and another one in Kibiribiri Church of Uganda Primary School in Kibiribiri

Below in photos is what happened while distributing the chicks to the families.

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