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40 Hens and Two cocks now multiplied to over 200 in two months: Second and Third Batch of Hatched Chicks of KIRUCODO’ Bluebonnet Hills-Sponsored Caged Poultry Keeping for supporting poor rural child Education and Nutrition needs project

This Bluebonnet Hills Sponsored-Project which kick-started with two cages at a school in Kikandwa Mukono district called Kibiribiri Church of Uganda Primary School (Check Blog Post) and another one at KIRUCODO offices in Kikandwa Village as these links provide for (Check this Blog Post) and (Also check this Blog Post) has multiplied to over 200 chicks just in two months. At the first Hatch we got a total of 57 chick, then 35 chick for the second one, 81 chicks for the third one as per the video below and lastly we expect to pick over 60 chicks on 17th December, 2014 for our forth hatch and probaly the last hatch this year.

This Video shows the 81 hatched chicks on their deliverly to our Blooder in Kikandwa Village;

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