First Batch of Hatched Chicks of KIRUCODO’ Bluebonnet Hills-Sponsored Caged Poultry Keeping for supporting poor rural child Education and Nutrition needs project

Today we have been able to deliver to our Brooder in Kikandwa Village a total of 57 one-day old hatched croiler chicks. We collected 100 eggs from our cages and 4 got broken on the way to the hatchery. We remained with a total of 96 eggs of which 57 got hatched; 17 eggs were clear (not fertilized) and 22 eggs got scratched while cleaning.

Some Business calculations

(A) If we had sold the eggs (Fertilized Croiler eggs), we were going to make 100×500= 50,000/= ($20)

(B) Hatching the eggs and selling off one-day old chick can fetch this much 57×3000= 171,000/= ($67.4)

(C) Hatching Fees 96×300= 28,800/= ($12)

(D) B-C= 171,000-28,800= 142,200 ($56.9)

So, every week if a kid is keeping 40 hens and 2 cocks, then he or she will be able to earn $57 less chicken feeds and some transport if she or he decides to hatch the eggs and sell one-day old chicks instead of selling fertilized eggs.

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Remember, this is part of the Small-scale commercial caged poultry keeping for supporting poor rural child Education and Nutrition needs project which was initiated by KIRUCODO to help poor rural children sponsor their education needs like scholarstic materials, uniforms, shoes, lunches, etc. For more details refer to the following links and

4 responses to this post.

  1. Please I leave in Ghana and want to go into kuroiler farming. How much will it cost me for one tray of fertile egg in dollars. and how much is a 5day old bird. can I get a flight to bring it down to Ghana. Thank you


    • Thank you Addo for contacting us. One tray of fertilized eggs will be sold to you at US$ 12. A one-day old chick we sell it US$ 1.6 AND a 4-weeks old chick we sale it US$ 4

      You need to arrange with a speed courier in your country and findout if they can deliver your order. Here we have DHL, ETC.

      Thank you


  2. Please I leave in Somalia Mogdishu and want to go into kuroiler farming. i need 100 day old chicken and 4 month old chicken. please tell me the price in detail
    my whatsapp No is 252615152103
    thank you


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