Net2uganda Computer Training Meetup for Poor Rural Primary School Pupils, Teachers and Community (Sponsored by Bluebonnet Hills and NetSquared)


Last year, we submitted a project (Computer Training For Poor Rural Primary Schools) to the Global Giving Winter Fundraising drive and we were able to attract cash donations worthy $150 from three donors under NetSquared global network. Our target was to raise $1,500 to support 50 pupils in each of the two schools we had selected for three academic terms (three months for each academic term). After deducting Global Giving charges, the remaining funds were wired on to our Organization account here in Uganda.

Since the funds were not even enough to support 50 pupils in a single school, we topped up with a cash donation from my Organization’s permanent donor (Bluebonnet Hills Christian Church of Austin Texas, USA under the leadership of Pastor Doctor Landon. S); and this has now helped us to reach to Kikandwa Church of Uganda Primary School pupils, and teachers with computer training lessons this academic term being conducted by Maendeleo Foundation Uganda.

The briefing of the Pupils, Teachers and Interested community people was done last Friday 14th 2014 from 02:30pm and during this session, we discovered the following below:



Head teacher:

The Head teacher Mr. Balambirwa John who has just got transferred to the school this year testified to us that in his former school, they were donated with two computers. The pupils, teachers and him-self couldn’t operate those computers and that he left the school without even pressing any button. So he said that this is now a golden chance for him to acquire computer skills and he equally encouraged the pupils, teachers and parents to effectively participate for their own benefit.

Training Session:

Today 17th February 2014, the pupils, teachers and some parents have been able to have their first computer lesson ever in the whole villages of Kikandwa. They have been introduced to computer concepts, terms, etc. They will have about three of such introduction lessons before they can be able to learn practically on computers. The village has got not electricity so the kind of computers and other equipment which are being used and which will be used throughout the training are portable solar-powered ones and we are really so thankful to Maendeleo Foundation-Uganda for such technology innovation.

Below are some of the photos taken during training, briefing and List of the names of the participants.

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Thank you

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