Small-Scale Commercial Caged Poultry Keeping for supporting Poor Rural Child Education and Nutrition needs.


For all the past years, Kikandwa Rural Communities Development Organization (KIRUCODO) has been soliciting educational support for poor rural community children and so far over 2500 children have been reached at. Based on the survey carried out by the Organization, it has been discovered that there is a need to empower students/pupils through simple innovative agricultural income generating activities that can enable them raise funds to cater for the financial challenges they face which include feeding, clothing, medical, sanitary for girls, scholastic material, among others.

In brief; our business idea is to empower students/pupils with entrepreneur skills in poultry farming to enable them raise funds for supporting the financial challenges they face in obtaining quality education. Our business products are universally acceptable organic products of the Kuroiler chicken spices. At least 20 hens and 2 cocks per student plus 20 hens and 2 cocks per teacher will be the business start-up kit. Poultry cage rearing provides the student and teacher with a manageable system for learning the management of the bird and its eggs production with a less labour high yield farming as a business principle.

At least three-quarters of the produced fertilized eggs will be sold in order to help meet the student’s financial obligations and part of the income saved for sustainability and expansion purpose. The remaining fertilized eggs will be hatched and the chicks brood to give to others students to expand the stock.

Bluebonnet Hills Christian Church of Austin Texas USA is supporting the first two cages under this arrangement for the purpose of training the first batch of selected teachers, pupils and key community local farmers in Kikandwa villages. Updates on all the developments in regard to this project will from time to time be published on this blog.

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  1. Banda Ahenkro widows Association is an NGO working in Ghana, supporting widows to come out of abject poverty i shall be happy if we can get your support?


  2. Posted by Jon Moonsamy on 20/12/2014 at 10:34 pm

    Hi I am in Namibia in a rural town with mutipile challenges. I wish to promote a project of empowerring schools to inculculcate entrepreneurship among their students. I require support for start up.


    • Jon, for you to be able to help your community you need first of all to acquire a legal status (CBO, or NGO or Company Limited by Guarantee). Let me know if you already registered some kind of Organization with your Government. Thank you


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