Mobile Healthcare Information For All: The First HIFA SMART Goal

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HIFA2015 Logo“By 2015, at least one telecoms provider, in at least one country, will endorse the vision of Healthcare Information For All, and will provide free access to essential healthcare knowledge in the local language, pre loaded on all new mobile phones they may sell and freely downloadable to all those who already have a mobile phone.”

The mHIFA SMART Goal was proposed and will be led by the HIFA 2012-15 Challenge Working Group, which is specifically concerned with the health information needs of citizens, parents and children, in recognition of the huge (and largely unrealised) potential of mobile phones to meet basic healthcare information needs of citizens, parents and children. A draft concept note for discussion is available here

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  1. We in the West take for granted that an Ambulance will be on our doorsteps in 10 minuets when called for. In the poorest parts of Africa such as DRC medical help is days away on foot or cart.
    A not for profit with deep pockets and a huge Heart can make the World of a difference for some of the poorest in the World. With a good Telecommunications infrastructure Medical help can be within an hour.


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