July Bluebonnet-Humanitarian aid Distribution to the Elderly, Widows and Disabled


On 25 July 2013 we distributed Humanitarian Assistance to over 72 people comprised of mainly the elderly, widows, disabled people and HIV. The aid was passed on to KIRUCODO from Bluebonnet Hills Christian Church of Austin Texas, USA through Pastor Dr. Landon .S. The exercise was conducted in three villages but reached to people from over 10 villages. The first group of people was served at our offices in Kikandwa, the second group was served in another village called Kyewanise and the Third Group was served in a village called Kanganda.
The groups were given Sugar, Salt, Maize Flour, Soap, Tea-leaves and Match boxes.

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This particular Humanitarian Aid distribution was termed “In Jesus’s Name we come” and this was because of the following:
The team which managed the registration of the second group registered a woman who has been sick on the bed for almost a year now. People in the village fear to visit the woman for a reason that when they visit her, they find a number of strange things in their houses back home like rats, cats, etc. So, this woman is mostly visited by her family members but not the village people and the family members don’t visit often. So, on 25 July 2013 we organized her special packet but most of the members on the team refused to take the aid to her and they suggested that to call up one of her daughters to pick up the packet. Thank God, one of my members insisted that we should take the packet and if we die then let us die. I joined him based on the braveness he showed and I was so happy because of his courageous act. So, we went two of us and I was praying so heard in my heart. On reaching the door to enter, my friend mentioned, “In Jesus’s Name We have come”. This statement was full of strength and my heart was so charged with strength and Joy. So we went in and the woman was alone in the house and on her bed. She cannot walk or stand on her own. She was so welcoming and she was so amazed to see us in the house. She said, look at these children with so much Love; Thank you for showing me Love; all the time she could say, Look at these children with so much Love and thank you for loving me. Right, lets put aside all the fear inside us for the one inside us (if you believe in Him) is GREATER than any other Powers. Be blessed

On the other hand, for the third group we encountered the following two cases:

(1) One family had a house which fell and so a good Samaritan offered them space in his house because they had no where to sleep. You can have a look at the photos in the third group zip folder.
(2) A blind woman’s house half way fell and the current house state is so dangerous for her life because it looks to be not strong enough.

Tomorrow, we shall reach to 50 children with used clothes. We are going to buy the clothes from a second hand market and then distribute them to each of the children. We realized that so many lack clothes and if you are out there having used clothes, bedding and shoes that you can ship in you are always welcome and just inbox us here

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by sie kwasi owusu williams on 13/08/2013 at 10:03 pm

    i am director of banda ahenkro widows association i shall be happy if you would come and help my peaple in ghana.


    • Thank you William for submitting this comment. Yes we can work together and strategize on an number of option on how to have your mission fulfilled. We need to know more about your Organization, its regal status, and if at all you have a website where we can visit to read more about it. In any case, write to us at kruralcommunitiesdevorg@yahoo.com and in the subject line indicate “Organization from Ghana” Thank you


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