Humanitarian Aid Distribution To Elderly; From Bluebonnet Hills Christian Church


On 21 April 2013,  Kikandwa Rural Communities Development Organization-KIRUCODO reached out with Humanitarian aid basic materials to over 60 needy elderly people in Kalangaalo Sub-County, Singo County, Mityana District Uganda. The Humanitarian aid material was provided by Bluebonnet Hills Christian Church of Austin Texas congregation through their Pastor Dr. Landon Shultz. This is the second time when this church is extending its humanitarian assistance specifically to the Elderly people. Items such as Soap, sugar, salt, match boxes, tea-leaves were distributed. You can have a look at the first distribution we carried out in Kikandwa villages. This is the first time for KIRUCODO to extend its services to a distance of over 50 miles from its areas of operations in Mukono district.

On the other note, we thank a local church (Mutetema Wall of Fire Church) which assisted in mobilizing the elderly in villages without any discrimination of their faith among others.

Lastly, the situation of the rural  elderly people in Uganda is really in a very sorry state. Most of them have no power to work to provide for their families, they lack proper bedding materials, they lack enough food, most of their house leak, most of them lack proper shelter, most of them don’t have helpers, among others. There is surely more need to help them in terms of basic materials, clothes, accommodation, health, among others. You are always welcome to provide your assistance to the elderly.

Thank you and below are some of the photos captured during the distribution exercise

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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