To all our Partners, Friends, Supporters and Well-wishers, we with you a Happy and Blessed Holiday season.

As you might be aware, Kikandwa Rural Communities Development Organization(KIRUCODO) received a Scholastic Material Grant worth US$ 500 which was used to purchase Scholastic Materails for the two rural community schools (Kikandwa Church of Uganda Primary School with over 500 pupils and Bulijjo Church of Uganda Primary with over 300 pupils) both serving poor farming communities in Kyampisi Sub-County in Mukono District here in Uganda. The grant got distributed on 21st April 2011 as per the following photos below:

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Briefly, the report indicate that materials have and still of great assistance to both Pupils and parents as pupils are no longer remaining home because of lack of a geometry maths set and parents are now days spending less on scholastic materails as some of them can be provided at school. For more information, find below the original reports from Head Teachers of Kikandwa and Bulijjo Church of Uganda Primary school.

(1) Scholastic Assessment Report from Bulijjo Church of Uganda Primary School

(2) Scholastic Assessment Report from Kikandwa Church of Uganda Primary School

In conclusion, there is a scholastic Material donation in shipment offered by Tools With a Mission of UK under the Sponsorship of Dr. Mike Roberts of UK which will be delivered to us in two or three months time. This donation will reach to three schools of over 1200 all together and we really so Thankful to all your support.

Lastly, four community schools have submitted their scholastic material donations to our office and whoever is interested in helping one or all of them is welcome and can contact us on

From the previous experience, we estimate US$ 800 to buy enough major scholastic materials for a school of 300 to 350 pupils a full year.

Lastly, on behalf of the entire community we serve, we thank each of your for your support and May God Bless your Big Humanitarian Hearts.

Thank you

Robert for KIRUCODO Management


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