Hello everyone,

we thank you all for the support you always  extend to our Organization This is to inform you that a scholastic material donation to three village schools attended by mostly kids from poor farming families was secured from Tools With A Mission of UK and Dr. Mike Roberts of UK paid for the required shipment as well as customs clearance charges. A request sent out on Organization Facebook Group attracted a number of members who wanted to make contributions in one way or the other and we are so grateful of your big hearts for our rural communities.  This is just a update and find below all the subsequent communications on organization  facebook group as well as other relevant information in connection to this communication  for your information.
Dear Members,
We hope you are fine. Thank you for being part of our network and we do appreciate every one’s contribution towards our Organization for the benefit of the rural farming communities here in Uganda.

Right, since 2008, KIRUCODO has been soliciting and distributing free scholastic material donations to poor public rural schools where most of the children from poor farming families have their education.
This year alone, with the help of a donation from Blue Bonnet Hills Christian Church (through Pastor Dr. Landon) of Texas USA, we have been able to reach to about 855 pupils in two rural public primary schools . In 2008 and 2009, we were able to reach to about 600 pupils with the help of scholastic material donations from Jim & Pamela Smith of USA and James Driscoll of New Zealand.

Right, this year again, three public rural schools in our district with a total of over 1300 pupils all together, submitted scholastic material donations to KIRUCODO and we also submitted the same on their behalf to Tools With a Mission of UK . Good enough, all the three requests were considered for free scholastic material donations as per this official letter indicate . However, Tools With a Mission requires us to contribute towards the shipping charges up to their warehouse in Uganda worthy UK Pound Sterling 255 plus clearing and handling charges at Uganda customs worthy UK Pound sterling 44. KIRUCODO has had a formal meeting with the three schools concerning the issue but unfortunately, they don’t have the money as they depend entirely on the government and since it is towards the end of the academic year, all have used up their budgeted money for this year.

With all this, we are prompted to pass this communication unto you all for possible support. In any case, feel free to get in contact with Tools With a Mission in UK whose contacts are indicated in the above linked official communication and you need to quote the donation reference number and CC us on ( for easy follow-up.

I thank you so much and looking forward for your positive response.

Sincerely Yours,

Robert Kibaya For KIRUCODO Management

Below is other communication following the Request


I have just read an email from my friend and Biological Science Mentor Dr. Mike Roberts who has already sent a check to Tools With a Mission to have the shipment costs covered. So I thank you all and dont send more funds for this particular project for it is now over. Below is the email communication and I have just excluded his contact for privacy purposes:

From: Mike Roberts <>
To: robert kibaya <>
Sent: Thursday, November 10, 2011 3:53 PM
Subject: Fw: Re Robert Kibaya’s application UG/BD/2011/115

Dear Robert,

The correspondence below is self-explanatory. Rest assured that the shipping cost of £250 will be paid for. Bill Dewhurst says the books will be shipped in January, and I hope that will be so.

Good luck and best wishes,

—– Original Message —– From: “bbdewhurst”
To: <mike.roberts>
Sent: Wednesday, November 09, 2011 4:15 PM
Subject: Fw: Re Robert Kibaya’s application UG/BD/2011/115

> Dear Michael,
> Thank you for your email concerning the above application. Your very generous offer to pay the cost of the shipment to Uganda is very greatly appreciated. I can assure you that monies donated for specific purposes are used in TWAM for the purpose specified.
> I am not sure if you are already registered with us to Gift Aid your donations, if not, and you wish me to send you a form, can you please enclose a note with your cheque to the effect that is a payment to send goods to the above project. Please mark your envelope for my attention and if possible let me know by email when it has been sent. This will help me to look out for it at HQ.
> We very much appreciate your support in this way and I am sure that the pupils will greatly benifit from the books. As the shipment will go in January Container i willtry to include somew of our scholar packs, as extras, for the children.
> Thank you again.
> Regards,
> Bill Dewhurst Uganda Director.


Thank you Mr. Scott Rowswell for putting me right. Yes, Dr. Mike covered only the shipping costs and not clearing and handling at the Ugandan customs. However from your email communication to me you have already contacted Tools With a Mission to have the funds transferred to them and we are so grateful for such great assistance.

Thank you so much and thank you everyone.


Robert Kibaya for KIRUCODO Management


The donation will be shipped in January as per communication below. This means that the donation will get to us in or after two months.

From: bbdewhurst <>
To: Kikandwa Rural <>
Cc: TWAM Uganda <>; Robert Tumuhairwe <r>
Sent: Tuesday, November 22, 2011 9:28 PM
Subject: Re: Your appliocation to Tools With A Mission Ref UG/BD/2011/115

Dear Robert,
Thanks for the email informing me of the situation regards payment.
Your books should be in the January container.
Regards application for other tools, may I suggest that you visit the TWAM website to see what is available and submit the online application form to us.
Bill Dewhurst.

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